The World According to Batman
Written By: Daniel Wallace, Joel Gomez, Beth Sotelo
Experience the world through the eyes of the Dark Knight, as Batman shares the secrets of his relentless battle against the villains of Gotham City. Filled with insight on everything from his tragic origin story to invaluable crime-fighting tips, this book—extracted from secret Batcave files—sees the World’s Greatest Detective impart all the knowledge needed to take on the mantle of Batman. From instructions for tackling large groups of thugs single-handedly to tips on escaping from a crashing aircraft, The World According to Batman has all the information that an aspiring crime fighter needs. Also featuring a wealth of special removable items, including Bruce Wayne’s business card, Robin’s mask, and a newspaper clipping from the Gotham Gazette, this thrilling journey into the Dark Knight’s world takes you under the cowl like never before.

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About the Insight Legends Series:
Insight Legends is a collectible pop culture library featuring books that take an in-depth look at iconic characters and other elements from the worlds of comics, movies, television, and video games. Packed with amazing removable items that give the books an immersive, interactive feel, the series delivers unparalleled insight into the best-loved heroes and villains in modern fiction and the worlds they inhabit.

Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 11/18/2014
ISBN: 9781608874187
Pages: 64
Trim Size: 7 x 7

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Daniel Wallace, Author: Daniel Wallace is the author or coauthor of more than fifty books, including The Jedi Path, Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History, The World According to Spider-Man, Warcraft: Behind the Dark Portal, Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection, and The New York Times best-selling Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Characters. His specialty is exploring the underpinnings of popular fictional universes.

Joel Gomez, Illustrator: Joel Gomez is a freelance comic book artist who has worked on Attica, Jason Coffee’s WarHawks, Flashpoint: Reverse Flash, Rift: Telara Chronicles, and Gears of War, among other titles. He lives in San Diego, California.

Beth Sotelo, Illustrator: Beth Sotelo got her start in 2001 as a colorist for Top Cow Productions (Magdalena Vol. 2, Witchblade/Wolverine). Since then she has colored comics for Marvel (New X-Men Vol. 1, Wolverine: Killing Made Simple Vol. 1), DC (Brightest Day Vol. 1, Supergirl Vol. 5), and Aspen Comics (Fathom Vol. 4, Soulfire Vol. 2). Currently, Beth is writing and drawing her creator-owned book titled Grump, which was successfully funded through Kickstarter. She lives in San Diego, California.