Healthy Dish of the Day (Williams-Sonoma)
Written By: Kate McMillan
What if a healthy lifestyle was as simple as incorporating one health-packed meal a day? Kate McMillan makes that possible with her latest book – Healthy Dish of the Day.

Healthy Dish of the Day offers daily culinary inspiration for eating one healthy meal every day to keep you on the road to a healthy lifestyle. When you eat meals packed with superfoods, healthy fats, and sensible proteins, there is no need to count calories to be sure you are eating well. Organized by month, and featuring one recipe for each day of the calendar yea—365 total—this book makes eating healthfully easy by taking the guesswork out of healthy meal planning.

The recipes are diverse—from soups and salads, stir-fries and sandwiches, pastas and curries, and more. Each meal is packed with healthful ingredients like garden-fresh vegetables, fish, lean meats, whole-grains, rustic pasta dishes, protein-rich legumes and tofu. Lavish photographs and a colorful graphic design showcase delicious every recipe can be.

An appetizer of what lies ahead:
Seared brussels sprouts with citrus and seared scallops
Turkey meatball, spinach & farro soup
Flank steak rolls stuffed with asparagus pesto
Artichoke-ricotta ravioli in light broth with pea shoots
Quinoa with grilled salmon & warm parsley vinaigrette
Sweet potato & pinto bean enchiladas
Grilled calamari salad with white beans and salsa verde
Grilled pizza with hummus & rosemary-grilled summer squash
Black bean-jalapeno burger with avocado mash
Pulled chicken sliders with jicama-apple slaw
Shrimp & cabbage tacos with pico de gallo
Asian-Style Tofu, Rice, and Broccoli Salad
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 3/18/2014
ISBN: 9781616286651
Pages: 304
Trim Size: 8.5 x 9.8 x 1.2

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Kate McMillan, Author: Kate McMillan is chef and owner of an eponymous catering company and is an instructor at Tante Marie's Cooking School in San Francisco. Kate has worked as an event planner for Vogue and Glamour magazines. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and three young daughters.